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  • Resident of the state of:
    Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota

  • U.S. citizen

  • High School senior who will be enrolled in a four-year college or university

  • High school class rank between the top 15-30 percent
    (Those whose class rank is between 1% and 14% OR between 31% and 100% do not qualify for this scholarship. Students in schools that do not rank are not eligible.

  • Overall minimum grade point of 2.5 based on a 4.0 system

  • A.C.T. comosite score minimum of 28 with no score lower than 27 in any area.
    (Conversions from th S.A.T. will not be accepted.)

  • Handwritten essay (limited to 2 pages) - Typed essays do not qualify.

  • Completing each section of the application form

  • Official transcript must be attached

  • All applications are due by January 30


  • 1-3 scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000.

  • Recipient(s) of scholarships not used for the intended purpose will be required to reimburse the fund.

  • Recipient(s) will be announced on March 5.